Thursday, March 8, 2007

Refinery capacity

It seems common for bloggers to disappear for weeks or months, then reappear to post a sorry-for-not-posting post. Usually they cite the urgent press of school, career, family, and such. We all empathize, of course.

Our challenge here at the Irony Mine is a bit different, however. We post infrequently because it takes much longer to refine a nugget of irony ore than we originally expected.

There's certainly no a lack of irony itself. Ye Olde Internet Blogosphere is neck deep in irony. The culture around us seems determined to clobber us with ironic nuggets daily, if not hourly. Ya gotta duck to avoid the rocks as they fly by. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert may well have job security that they can pass along to their grandchildren.

It's easy to make jokes for the people who already see the irony around us. We want to go another step. We try to refine all that crude irony ore so that it can be seen by the people who most need to see it.

So please, please pity us! We're desperate for readers and We hope you empathize.

And now, back to the work in progress...